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Disobey 2020

    Disobey 2020 badge

    Getting started

    To navigate the menus on your badge you use the touchbuttons. These buttons might be a bit hidden, but if you look closely at the artwork on the front of your badge you will find the following Gameboy inspired buttons:

    • START. this button is usually used to enter or exit an app or menu
    • A. used to accept input or to select a menu item
    • B. used to go back
    • SELECT. used to navigate submenus
    • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. used to navigate through menu options

    Exact button functions differ from app to app as the developers can decide to use the buttons as they wish.

    You can also use the badge through the USB-serial connection. When connecting to your computer be sure to configure your terminal emulation application to use serial port settings 115200 8n1. On this serial port you will be greeted with a menu through which you can start apps or drop into a Python shell.

    Using the badge

    Once you turn on your badge using the slideswitch you will be greeted by the homescreen, showing the Disobey logo and a welcome message.

    To enter the application launcher you press the START button.

    If your badge doesn’t start or starts an app different to the homescreen on power-on then that app might have been configured to be the default app. To restore the homescreen app to be the default app hold down the START button while switching on power to your badge. This will enter the recovery menu. Select the restore default app menu option using the A button and you’re done.

    Installing apps

    You can install apps using the installer application. You can browse the available apps and publish your own apps online by going to the Hatchery.

    Setting your nickname

    The message displayed on the homescreen can be replaced by your nickname. You can configure your nickname using the nickname app.

    Using WiFi

    During the event the badge will automatically connect to WiFi. Note that there is no internet access available on the badge WiFi network. When you get home you can easily connect the badge to your own WiFi network by selecting the WiFi settings app on the main menu or by navigating to Settings > WiFi settings on the serial port menu.

    The keyboard

    You select the character you want to type using the arrow keys. Then press A to enter the character. Pressing B removes the character before the cursor.

    You can switch between the input mode, cursor mode and confirmation mode by pressing the SELECT button.

    In the cursor mode you can control the cursor using the arrow keys.

    In the confirmation mode you can either accept your input using the A button or cancel by pressing the B button.

    Exiting apps

    Most apps can be quit using the START button. This will return you to the launcher application.