Connecting on Windows

We get it. You re a gamer. Or thing you don’t have time to debug Linux drivers or don’t have the money for a Mac.


We assume you’re running a modern version of Windows.


Download PuTTY from

Install PuTTY.

Connecting to your badge on Windows

Configure the PuTTY menu as follows:

  • Under Connection type, select Serial.
  • In the Serial line field, enter the COM# for your board, such as COM7.
    • Note: If you did not identify your COM# when setting up your board, navigate to the Device Manager and check for an entry called USB Serial Port
  • In the Speed field, type 115200
  • Click Open.

Using PuTTY

When you see a blank screen, press the Enter key twice. A welcoming prompt should be displayed.

Type in ? and get going in the awesome experience. Type in a and verify the symbols you see match the symbols you see on the badge. If you get question marks in blocks, weird symbols etc, your locale is not set right.