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Modify Standard Firmware

    Ready, set, hack!

    Hack your badge and build cool applications on the ESP32-C6! Here are some basic instructions to get you started:

    Main firmware/ESP32-C6

    Follow the instructions on the ESP32-C6, we recommand VScode as an IDE.

    CH32V003 co-processor

    Follow the instructions on the CH32V003 repo, the J5 contains all the pins necessary to connect to a WCH link.

    Add and display an image

    First the convert your image (input.png) by running convert using the mascot.png in the ressource folder as a reference, example:

    convert input.png -map mascot.png output.png

    Then open main/CMakeLists.txt and add your new file:

    EMBED_FILES ${project_dir}/resources/output.png

    Add in your file:

    extern const uint8_t output_png_start[] asm("_binary_output_png_start");
    extern const uint8_t output_png_end[] asm("_binary_output_png_end");

    And use pax_insert_png_buf in your code to add the image to the screen buffer:

    pax_insert_png_buf(&gfx, output_png_start, output_png_end - output_png_start, 0, 0, 0);