The hatchery can be found at hatchery.badge.team and is a repository of apps for use on your badge.

For the MCH2022 badge a separate hatchery was created which can be found at mch2022.badge.team. The two hatcheries will eventually be merged into one.


Registration is simple, email can be whatever, for example test@test.com, it is only used for password resets.

App model

Apps are folders with as a minimal requirement a __init__.py file.

Hatchery will add an empty version of that file for you.

The badges get some extra information about your app by reading a file named metadata.json. Unless you upload or create such a file, Hatchery will generate one.

This contains at-minimum the description of the app and weather or not it should be shown in the launcher.

  "name": "example",
  "description": "My awesome example app",
  "category": "hacking",
  "author": "Henk de Vries",
  "revision": 1


Hatchery on Github