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C10VID - Demo for the BSEC air quality sensors

This app will show you current CO2 concentration (ppm) and the Index for Air Quality of your environment, and flash LEDs and vibrate accordingly.

This is not based on anything seriously scientific but it could be taken as a clue you need to ventilate the room to diminish risks of COVID-19 contamination.

Based on @schneider's work for presenting BME680 sensors to Epicardium and Pycardium API.

This is a card10 app (CCCamp badge).

bsec_enable = true has to be in your card10.cfg.

You will need to flash the latest firmware (v1.17) according to the card10 documentation. Don't worry though, to build the firmware, it's very easy just copy-pasting the Docker instructions.


  • How to build latest firmware with Docker:

  • How to flash:

  • Add measures to app:

  • Documentation on the Bosch chip and what it calculates:


  • Improve Pycardium so that it also exposes the "Human Volatile Organic Compounds concentration" measure
    • Also make it exportable in BLE to access it with phyphox
  • Fine-tune measures for COVID?
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