Gravitris rev. 9 (by royrobotiks)


A gravity controlled Tetris!

Warning: This app is ADDICITVE and a veritable PRODUCTIVITY KILLER!

How to play:

  • Turn your Card10 90° to the left
  • Push any button except the home button in order to start the game.
  • Use tilt the Card10 to move the tetromino left and right. Tilting up and down makes the tetromino fall faster and slower.
  • The both top buttons (original: 'right' and 'select') rotate the tetrominos.
  • The bottom button (original: 'left') forces the tetromino to drop quickly when it is pushed. Pushing this button also locks the sideways movement of the tetromino.
  • UPDATE: The score is displayed in binary format on the LED bar.

Gravitris is based on the Tetris engine of Peace-Maker / @jhartung10 and it uses BMP picture viewer code by deurknop.

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Author: royrobotiks

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