Local App Installer rev. 10 (by CoolZero)

This Tool can be used to install local Apps on your badge.

Enter your App Name

1. Replace the space-holder for the name of your app, change the default name: "newapp"

Add Your App Code:

1. First copy this script (init.py) into your editor.

2. Pasted your code of your app that you want to install localy into this script.

3. So change the code between "## !!! REPLACE ME !!! ##" with your code. (remove also the "## !!! REPLACE ME !!! ##" lines)

Install App Steps

0. Copy the total script.

1. Connect your badge to your computer.

2. Open a Terminal/Putty and connect to your Badge.

3. Enter into the Python Shell.

4. Press Ctrl + E.

5. Pasted the just copied script.

6. Press Ctrl + D.

7. Press Ctrl + D.

8. Done.

Now you can see your new app between your apps.

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Status: working
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