Monster++ rev. 7 (by Pixtxa)


Frankenstein's monster among the watch apps.

It's an adjustable clock with pictures in the background, date and battery display and much more.

Based on or inspired by code from

Picture of card10 running the app


  • Displays time as a big seven-segment display
  • Displays date including current weekday
  • Displays seconds as a nice looking bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Display color cycles softly during the day
    • Every minute a slightly new color
    • 08:00 = red, 12:00 = yellow, 16:00 = green, 20:00 = cyan, 00:00 = blue, 04:00 = magenta
  • Allows changing the time and date completely via buttons
  • Displays the Battery status (including charging status) of your card10-badge
  • Displays the time of your next angel shift (from engelsystem exportet json named shifts.json needed in card10's home directory)
    • Also vibrates (deault: 15 minutes) before shift starts, when shift starts and when shift ends
    • To view more details about your shift, use the Engelsystem app
  • Ten different brightness modes (mixed for display and top led bar), starts with auto adjusted display backlight
  • Supports Timer and Control Center app
    • Switches automatically to the app when timer/alarm goes off or it's manually selected via button
    • Camp rocket (green) lights up while timer is running
  • Fast change your personal_state by clicking the BOTTOM_LEFT button, long click to switch to the ecg app
  • Power Saving
    • Automatically adjust brightness of display depending on light-sensor (safes battery)
    • Render complete display once a minute, bar only when changes (140 times per minute)
    • changing time modes will be rendered faster to enable better feedback from button presses
    • Runs longer in default mode than Pixtxa stays awake
    • Test conditions
      • Auto display brightness mode
      • No Binary clock
      • Mostly indoor lightlevel
      • About 10 minutes of flashlight usage a day
      • Firmware 1.12
      • Bluetooth turned on, but unconnected
      • On some days also with about 10 hours of signalling personal state "No Contact"
      • On this days also Pixtxas awake phase was shorter
    • Also on amphetamines Pixtxa didn't achive to stay longer awake than the card10 running this app in the test conditions
      • Don't do drugs, except prescribed by a doctor
    • With binary clock activated, Pixtxa can stay longer awake than card10, but at least it still lasts a few hours
  • Easily activate USB mode or the flashlight LED
  • Enable/Disable Bluetooth and easily restart your card10 (also to bootloader mode)
  • No annoying blinking Dots between the digits
    • Yeah, it wouldn't be easy to impement, so I'm calling it a fature
  • Fast switch to Cyberband app
    • I had no better Idea for the release, normally it switches to my canteen app, but that is unreleased, because I'm the only one with an card10 on my company
  • Shitty UX, code and documentation
    • Buttons have four different click times
    • it's a mashup of different apps, which are somehow put together with some new features beeing added
    • Well, it's not a feature, I know, but don't have the time and knowledge to do it better and wanted to release it before #36c3
    • Works for me


  • TOP_RIGHT button

    • <250 ms

      • Cycle between ten different display modes

         Mode   display backlight   binary clock 
        0 auto off
        1 medium on
        2 dark off
        3 off off
        4 off on
        5 bright on
        6 full on on
        7 full on bright
        8 full on off
        9 medium off
    • 250-500 ms
    • 500-1000 ms
      • Switch between display and time edit mode
    • >1 s
  • BOTTOM_RIGHT button
    • < 500 ms
      • Time edit mode
        • Set+1
      • Display mode
        • toggle flashlight LED
    • 500-1000 ms
      • Time edit mode
        • Set+10
      • Display mode
        • toggle bluetooth state
          • If the chaos rocket flashes, the state in the config file is set to off
          • If the communication rocket flashes, it's set to on
          • To apply the change, you have to restart card10
    • > 1 s
      • Restart card10
        • For example to apply the change of the bluetooth-state
    • > 3 s
      • ... and enter USB bootloader mode
        • Bootloader simply uses the same button to enter usb mode
        • It's nice for bigger filetransfers, because the USB mode from the os crashes sometimes
  • BOTTOM_LEFT button
    • < 250 ms
      • Time edit mode
        • Set-1
      • Display mode
        • Cycle between personal states
    • 250-500 ms
    • 500-1000 ms
      • Time edit mode
        • Set-10
      • Display mode
        • Run USB mode
          • Press any button to exit USB mode
    • > 1 s
      • Switch to card10s ECG app
  • To improve the ui a little bit, card10 vibrates if an button is pressed for 500 ms


  • Only 160x80 Pixels 24 bpp BMP files are supported
  • The app comes with some sample-pictures (CC0):
    • CCCamp19
      • 5 Pictures by Pixtxa
    • 36C3
  • The pictures are showed in (semi-)random secuence
  • Loading the picture needs about 3 seconds, so the second bar stopps at second 57 (like on a train station clock) for the picture beeing loaded
  • For a fast startup and better time editing experience, a black background is used
    • Don't panic, a picture will be loaded next minute
Category: utility
Status: working
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