Rkanoid rev. 6 (by Astro)

Arkanoid in Rust

Source: https://git.card10.badge.events.ccc.de/astro/rust-card10/blob/master/rkanoid/src/main.rs


To run .ELF binaries on firmware 1.9 or later, create a /card10.cfg with the following content:


Then copy the game into /apps/rkanoid.elf. The firmware's menu should display an entry for it then.

Please leave feedback here in the hatchery.


The latest version can be controlled through sensors in addition to the lower left/right buttons. Turn your card10 like a steering wheel to move the paddle.

Hardware used:

  • display
  • LEDs
  • buttons
  • vibration
  • acceleration sensor
Category: games
Status: working
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