Set time using BLE rev. 3 (by marcus)

This script runs on your host machine and needs python 3 and bluepy. It sets the current time to you CARD10 with using BLE with writing to the time update characteristic [1].

Script usage python [MAC="CA:4D:10:C3:20:19"] [MIN_OFFSET=0]

  • MAC: If your Card10 MAC isn't CA:4D:10:C3:20:19 (WHYYY?), then provide your MAC as a first command line argument for connection
  • MIN_OFFSET: for people not living in the CCC timezone (did I miss an option to set the timezone somewhere?) or for people who like to tweak their time so they never be late again, OFFSET changes the system time (of wherever you run this script) with the provided offset minutes


  1. Get bluepy [2]
  2. run the script, e.g., python3 CA:4D:10:AA:BB:CC -60 for changing the Card10 wrist badge CA:4D:10:AA:BB:CC to current UK time


[1] [2]

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