Who is Badge.team?

Badge.team is a constantly changing group of hackers from all over the world that collaborate on creating awesome event badges. Want to be part of the action? Contact us on Telegram!

Each event badge has it's own team. This page lists the names of the volunteers that helped make your awesome event badges possible.

Hackerhotel 2023

  • Pim: Team lead, hardware and software development
  • Sake: Challenges
  • Nikolett S.: Artwork


CampZone 2020

  • Tom Clement: hardware

Hackerhotel 2020

CampZone 2019

  • Tom Clement: hardware
  • Roel Harbers

Hackerhotel 2019

  • Tom Clement: hardware
  • Raboof: hardware, software
  • Renze Nicolai: software
  • Anne Jan Brouwer: software
  • Bas van Sisseren: software, audio fix


  • Sebastian Oort
  • Niek Blankers
  • Markus Bechtold
  • Anne Jan Brouwer
  • Bas van Sisseren
  • Gavan Fantom
  • Jeroen Domburg
  • Niek Blankers
  • Sebastian Oort
  • Renze Nicolai
  • Arnout Engelen